How to make pear preserves is one of the questions asked by many people who have trees of pears at home. It’s true that a strawberry jam or grape jelly is tasty and delicious but have you ever tried pear preserves? It has a unique delicious taste that you will love rather than strawberry jam. Try it in your morning toast to know the difference. Pear fruit contains antioxidant with no fat, plus is rich in vitamins and minerals. There are two types of pears, the bell shaped European pears and the apple crisp Asian pears. Pears are widely available in late summer and fall.

On how to make pear preserves you must provide all basic materials and equipments. You must know all the techniques and guidelines in making preserves. So before you start, familiarize yourself with these things like pectin powder or liquid, lemon juice, sugar, ascorbic acid, artificial sweeteners and glass or plastic freezer containers in preserving pears. Here is a simple and easy recipe on how to make a pear preserves for you to follow;

1. Prepare all ingredients such as 5 lbs of pears, 5 lbs of sugar, water and lemon juice.

2. Wash the pears thoroughly then peel, core, and slice the pears into 1/2″ to 3/4″ thick.

3. Put your sliced pears, water and sugar in a large cooking pot.

4. Mix them slightly and allow mixture to rest overnight.

5. The next day, boil the pear mixture until it reaches its boiling point; reduce heat.

6. Stir mixture as often until syrup thickens a little bit.

7. When the pears has its translucent appearance, immediately turn down the heat for it is done. Put a little lemon juice to prevent discoloration.

8. Place pear preserves in a sterilized jar and seal them for longer shelf life.

This is just a simple recipe on how to make preserves that you can use at home. Do you know that pear preserves can also add flavour in different foods? Pear preserves can be added to foods like cakes, tarts, tartlets and even in main dishes for added flavour and colour. It has this appetizing taste that makes you to crave for more. Go now and make your pears to a sweet preserves to make a difference in your morning habits.

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